Institute of Geodynamics, National Observatory of Athens has been operating a permanent strong motion network since 1972. The main turn points of the history of this network are the beginning of its deployment in 1972 by the installation of 15 analogue SMA-1 type accelerographs – the first ever used in Greece -, the increase of the installed instruments to 40 in 1986 and the gradual use of digital instruments of A-800 type since 1995. By the end of 2008 the installed instruments (A800/A900, QDR, ETNA and CMG-5TD) reached the number of 85 after the financial support of the State or within the frame of scientific projects.

At that time, Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization supported financially NOAIG and ITSAK for the deployment and the initial operation of the National Strong Motion Network. Via this project NOAIG purchased more than 80 modern 24-bits accelerographs of CMG-5TD type, doubling in such a way the number of the installed instruments.

The majority of the instruments are located in urban complexes, taking into account the population density and the seismicity of the Greek territory. Local strong motion arrays are also developed in some cities. The most important of these is the one covering the broader area of Athens. Limited number of instruments are installed at archaeological (Athens’ Acropolis) or historical sites.

The telemetric connection of the installed instruments, which is in progress during the last years, improve the reliability of the network.

For any information concerning the strong motion networks of NOAIG contact Dr. Ioannis Kalogeras.

sma a800 qdr etna 5td